Affordable Rehab Centres       for Drugs & Alcohol 

ADUS Healthcare is now recognised as one of the UK's market leaders in cost affective, high quality residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation and counselling treatment. All our staff are friendly and approachable. Our lines are open 24 hours a day and are always manned by a trained member of staff.   

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation has never been so affordable through ADUS Healthcare. Fully RESIDENTIAL programmes available:

  • 10 Day Tailored Medical Detox
  • 2 weeks Tailored Medical Detox
  • 4 weeks Rehab inc Tailored Medical Detox
  • 6 weeks Rehab inc Tailored Medical Detox
  • 8 weeks Rehab inc Tailored Medical Detox
  • 12 weeks Rehab inc Tailored Medical Detox
  • Many more programs available!!!
Call us now to discuss the treatment options available for you, and the exceptional level of care you will receive, at a price you can afford.