drink and drugs for addiction

Your options

To break things down to the basics, with an addiction to drugs and or alcohol, you have 3 options. Simply you can carry on. Not recommended, but if you are not ready to give up, it will be much harder, if not impossible to give up if you do not want to. Secondly you have the option of a home detox. This is the most cost effective way to get treatment. Option 3 is you come into one of our 5 residential rehab centres.

To find out more about the options available to you

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We offer programmes for all drugs and alcohol, and you can come in from 7 days to 12 weeks depending on the severity of your addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Detox Centres

We are market leaders in drug and alcohol rehab and detox. We are among the lowest priced rehab centres in the UK. Yet still offering the highest success rates. We have 5 rehab centres from which we detox clients who are suffering form a drug or alcohol addiction. Our programmes are from 7 days to 12 weeks, and longer on request. We also offer housing and on going  programmes . Plus much more. Call us now for details Tel: 07811 606 606

  • Having problems finding the right affordable drug rehab or alcohol rehab clinics in the UK or Worldwide?

  • Are you fed up with being passed from pillar to post trying to get someone to listen / assist you?

  • Have you tried local Help Groups or Alcoholics Anonymous, but felt it wasn’t for you?

  • Are you looking at private or independent drug rehab or alcohol rehab clinics in the UK or Worldwide?

  • Looking for immediate access to an affordable drug rehab or alcohol rehab clinics for a drug / drink problem?

  • Are you confused by the mass of information about Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab, Detox etc?

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Treatment by professional private doctors

Drink and drugs – Choose one of our private detoxification packages at one of our clinics and our promises to you are:

  • 24 hour clinical alcohol Rehab and drug Rehab treatment

  • Private rooms in ALL our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers.

  • Specialist detox doctors at ALL our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

  • Cost-effective alcohol Rehab and drug treatment programmes in the UK

  • Experienced drug and alcohol Rehab therapists

  • Bespoke alcohol Rehab and drug Rehab treatment programmes

  • Freshly prepared, nutritious meals throughout your stay to help with your detox

  • Private Residential Alcohol Rehab centres available all over the UK.

  • Can also collect you from anywhere in the UK.

  • No waiting lists due to the amount of alcohol rehab clinics involved.

  • The most reasonable alcohol rehab centres in the UK

Treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism

Drink and drugs – Treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism can be the first step towards your brand new life. We help hundreds of clients each year to recover their dignity and well-being.

Services developed to meet your individual needs

Drink and drugs – ADUS has therapy rehab centers available which offers both high quality day and residential services to its clients and the local community. Our aim is to provide high quality, cost effective services that are tailored to the individual clients needs.

Making it happen

Drink and drugs – If your charity, service or business needs to deliver change quickly and effectively then we have the skills, knowledge and experience to make it happen. By applying proven management techniques and combining business focus with a strong emphasis on delivery we can help you to manage challenges such as:

  • Improving performance, by helping services or charities implement Key Performance Indicators or service monitoring tools
  • Organisational re-structuring, that can be linked to growth or a need to restructure to ride the wave of recession,
  • Major process change, such as implementation of mew systems or treatment programmes
  • People development, such as staff training, implementing new supervision and appraisal structures
  • Culture change, such as charity growth, development of new services and contracts or even organizational restructuring
  • Systems implementation, such as paper or computer systems, that help you service meet the ever growing demands from clients and funders alike.
  • Major budget and financial change such as tenders, DAT Treatment Plans and service development

As a specialised project management consultancy practice we recognise that whatever the challenge, our sole focus is on making successful change happen for you.

Successful organisations are those which can respond quickly to changing circumstances by changing themselves – effectively and decisively. The people they rely upon to deliver the projects need to have a full understanding of effective project management technique and how to successfully deliver change.

key stages of treatment you will be likely to receive

Drink and drugs – Within this section of our website we explain the key stages of treatment you will be likely to receive.

The Triage Assessment is an assessment that identifies the seriousness of a person’s substance or alcohol misuse problem. The urgency with which treatment is required and any immediate risk of harm. In addition the assessment will identify addiction needs such as mental health needs. Housing needs and any potential blocks to successful treatment.

An effective assessment of the needs of the client is pivotal to the effective use of services and therefore needs to be comprehensive and complex. Triage assessment usually covers:

  • Alcohol or drug consumption
  • Dependence
  • Related problems
  • Co-existing health conditions, including co-existing drug and/or mental health problems
  • Risk of harm to self and others
  • Urgency of treatment
  • Motivation and readiness to change
  • Health Problems
  • Mental Health requirements
  • Certain personal data

Detoxification or rather ‘detox’ for short, is the physiological or medical removal of a toxic substances such as alcohol or heroin. It can additionally refer to the period of withdrawal. During which your body returns to homeostasis after long-term use and abuse of an addictive substance.

Detoxification or ‘detox’ involves taking a short course of a medicine which helps to prevent withdrawal symptoms. For when you stop drinking alcohol or taking addictive drugs. The most commonly used medicine for detox of alcohol. This is a benzodiazepine medicine. For heroin it is subutex or methadone.

Primary Care

Primary care is the time in which you first enter a residential treatment centre. During this intensive primary stage of treatment you will start to address your reasons for turning to drugs or alcohol both in group therapy and one to one counselling. At this time you will also agree a ‘care plan’ with your named therapist or drugs worker. This ‘care plan’ will form the basis and direction of your ongoing treatment and recovery.

Secondary Care

Secondary Care is a key component of any treatment offered to a client.  It forms the basis of your transition from structured primary care to back home and live back in the community. During this stage of treatment your therapy will focus on life without drugs or alcohol and how you can remain substance free when back in society.


Aftercare is the service offered to clients when they are back home. Our aftercare can consist of either weekly support groups, counselling or visits with your named drugs worker or counselor. Aftercare can last for approximately a year after treatment, however, if the client require, it can last longer.