Magic Mushrooms

Drink and drugs Magic Mushrooms
Drink and drugs Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms:  Street Terms:’shrooms, mushies, liberty caps

They are a powerful, naturally occurring hallucinogenic. There are about a dozen varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms found growing in the wild in the UK, the most popular being the ‘Liberty Cap’ (Psilocybe Semilanceata). The harvesting season is between September and November. After picking, they are usually eaten raw, cooked, made into a drink, or dried for later consumption. They are usually sold loose in bags or crushed into tablets.

Magic mushrooms – Effects

The effects of them are very similar to acid, although some report a more ‘natural’ high sometimes with a feeling of being detached. Small doses can bring on excitement and euphoria, while bigger doses (15 small or more) can bring on shape and colour distortions and vivid hallucinations.

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